fort evolution

Tarees Functional Fitness Facility.

We are more than just your average gym. When you walk in our doors you will see there are no machines, just a bunch of friendly faces of all different backgrounds. We know our niche, and we are passionate and dedicated at providing the best experience and service. 

We provide a coached environment that is safe and fun all at once. There's a strong community feel to our gym and our members are so much more than just a number on a page to us. We care about every single individuals goals and want to help achieve the best potential of everyone.

Jay Mctaggart


Head Coach


Simone Paine


Personal Trainer

Manager/ Social Media / Marketing

The name Fort Evolution came to us as an idea of a place we wanted everyone to feel as a unit and create a community atmosphere where everyone can evolve into the best version of themselves. Our functional fitness methods focus on every aspect of different individuals to help them reach their goals, we push them to become physically healthier as well as mentally. Fort Evolution is our safe space, there's no mirrors and there's no judgement. This is a big part of our vision and the atmosphere we have created. 
We strive to give our members the best experience and load them up with all the tools and knowledge necessary, we aren't just coaching a class here we are teaching them valuable lessons to transfer into everyday living so they are aware of their movement to prevent injury and live a long healthy life. 

One of our biggest rules is to "leave the ego at the door" because absolutely nobody is better than anybody else and that helps to create the amazing atmosphere and community within our members. We are all facing different challenges and we understand that, no individual is the same. 

We want every member to walk in the gym and feel like a second home, like another family. Our gym, is your gym.


Fort Evolution isnt just a normal gym, its a community of amazing and inspiring people who are all working together to be the best version of themselves they can be. When i started at Fort I was an unhappy, unfit and an unmotivated person, today 4 months later, I am the HAPPIEST I have ever been, fitter than I ever could have thought I'd be, 13kg down and surrounded by the most amazing people! This place literally is for ANYONE no matter your fitness level, size or age. Fort and the people here have honestly helped me change my life and I couldnt be more grateful ♡


I’ve been at Fort Evolution for just over 12 months now and have loved every second of it. I have played competitive sports all my life and generally been quite active. But the training at Fort Evolution has helped me gain strength-mobility and a level of fitness I never thought possible. It wasn’t always smooth sailing getting to were I am today I struggled with a number of mobility issues. But with Coach Jay & his team by my side every session they have helped me overcome these issues & more. What makes Fort Evolution special is not only the facilities but the People & the community. Jay & his trainers are amazing their attentiveness,ability to motivate and depth of knowledge in terms of movement, exercise, physiology and nutrition are second-to-none. I would highly recommend Fort Evolution


Fort Evolution is a great and supportive gym. I've been with other gyms and you're merely a number in the system and there is usually a wait for anything weight related. When you enter the Fort you're always greeted with a hello. And always have a spot to work out and the community that is there is awesome. It’s good to go and be coached in every class by someone that knows what they're teaching. It’s given me more confidence in and out of the gym I’m a lot more outgoing now. The skills I’ve learnt and will continue to learn is endless. As Jay said when I first met him we don’t have machines here because you will be the machine.